Anti-Masturbation Clamp Belt


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  1. wazzup says:

    if you look closer at the hole you can see a pair of teeth…..ow

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  4. Mark Stechman says:

    You’ve forgotten the most common and perhaps most effective device… The leather strap used to whip a bare bottom when the boy is caught “in the act” or stains are found on bedsheets, in underpants, etc.
    Our Parish priest offered single-parent women with one or more boys in puberty or approaching it, the service of private counseling with the boy. The counseling ended with the boy undressing and laying belly-down on a bed in the guest bedroom, having his wrists and ankles secured, and a leather strap taken to his backside until he swore to God he would not touch himself for pleasure. Monthly counseling sessions were advised.
    Boys who admitted it was much to difficult to abstain were given the option of a “pure masturbation” from the Priest, followed by a more severe whipping to purify the act.
    Almost all of us Altar Boys were required to attend “counseling” beginning at age 11 and there were occasional sleep-over sessions with four or five of us sharing a bedroom. Group masturbation and punishment was part of the routine. Praise organized religion!

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