53 Responses to “Antique pedal powered sandstone grinder”

  1. Linda Maier Says:

    I have just come into posession of my grandfather’s pedal powered grinding wheel and wonder if there’s a market for these or if I should just plan on keeping it for a conversation piece. It looks exactly like the one in the photo except it it red. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Linda Maier Says:

    have just come into posession of my grandfather’s pedal powered grinding wheel and wonder if there’s a market for these or if I should just plan on keeping it for a conversation piece. It looks exactly like the one in the photo except it it red. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Dustin Ennis Says:

    This would be something to Keep

  4. John Says:

    Hi, if you are interested in selling, what price would you be asking? John

  5. David Marks Says:

    This is almost identical to one my Grandfather had. I’ve waited 25 years for this to become available and
    now it goes to an in-law family member instead. If this would be for sale, please contact me. Although,
    I’m not sure how you would do that.

  6. John Machkovech Says:

    I have one almost identical to the one in the picture. Will sell for $150.00 shipping (Wisconsin)
    email: johnmac@wildblue.net

  7. Thelma Matthews Says:

    What would be a fair price for this type of wheel/stand?

  8. chester mc donald Says:

    I am looking for a old sandstone seat ginder

  9. Wendy Says:

    I have one of these for sale in Milford Michigan. I need to get 150.00. Let me know if you’re interested

  10. JOHN Says:


  11. JOHN Says:

    Wendy you still have the grinder for sell

  12. Karen Winch Says:

    I am very interested in purchasing a stone sharpener with seat & pedals. I would love to surprise my husband for Christmas. He loves “old” things, so I’m safe for a while! He has his heart set on getting one! If you have one for sale or can direct me, please contact me asap! Thanks!

  13. Michael Snyder Says:

    This message is for Karen Winch, my neighbor has one for sale, please contact me at msnyder4@email.itt-tech.edu.

  14. Joyce Griffin Says:

    I am curious to know what an antique grinding wheel, with seat and water cone sells for. Mine is in good condition except for a bent leg. It looks much like this one; but older.

  15. 54356346 Says:

    O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?


  16. joannelundberg Says:

    We have one just like the picture. Not sure how much to sell for. It is in very good condition.

  17. Rubin Felan Says:

    What does this pedal powered grinding stone date back to? I have one built out of very small angle iron identical to the picture but slightly different (maybe older). I don’t know anything about it but I would appreciate a response asap, please. Thank you!!!

  18. Ian Says:

    Im looking for a setup exactly like the one in the picture to purchase to start using and sharpening my own axes. Would be interested in purchasing one if anyone here is selling

  19. Chris Says:

    IAN – If you are still looking for one of these, please email me. I have one for sale and can send a pic to you. I’m not sure where you are located but email me if you’d like and maybe we can work things out.

  20. james Says:

    I also have one of these grinders foot powered and want to sell it make offer
    James c

  21. Christian Says:

    Do you still have grinding wheel for sale? If so how much?

  22. Brian Frederick Says:

    I just sold one of these to a museum today that I had listed. I sold it to them for $125.00 and it was in great working condition, but didn’t look as clean as the one in the picture

  23. Paul Hartman Says:

    I am looking for a grinding wheel to use on a daily basis…..must be in working order. please contact me at paulhartman@asylum.com if anyone has one.,

  24. Ron Barber Says:

    Hi – I am also in the market for one of these pedal powered sharpeners. Please contact me if you have one for sale.
    Thanks! winecountrychefs@hotmail.com

  25. Willie Travnicek Says:

    I have a pedal Sandstone Grinder for sale asking $150. Colorado
    Contact me at: Miles.to.go@hotmail.com Use subject line: Grinder.

  26. Taylor Says:

    I have a similar grinder for sale in Killington VT, it’s very heavy so pickup would be best, won’t ship. It’s a treasure for the right person. $150.00 NYCVTCA@GMAIL.COM

  27. clarence Says:

    i have one for sale in okc ok for 200 dollars in excellent condition with a patend from 1883 august 7 from cleve o stone

  28. Kenny Says:

    My brother and I are considering building a forge. We are looking for one of these pedal grinders. If you are possible selling one please let me know and how much you would be asking. Thank you.

  29. josh snow Says:

    i have a sit down peddal grinding wheel made of sand stone no cracks in working condition. it is much older and infact worth more than 200 dolars. this item is for sale i will not accept any amount under 500 dollars a very nice piece for a collector or hollywood sets. also have another one that has a crack in it but still is holding to gether set price 850 dollars
    cheers sno

  30. Barry Sommer Says:

    Hello. I have a stone that originally was pedal-powered but was changed to electric in the 20’s. It came from a farmin Iowa and the entire thing is built with heavy wood and an old Emerson Electric motor. The wheel is 18 5/8 by 2 5/8 and is in perfect condition. I used it to sharpen my tools but want to sell it now. The wheel is mounted to an old Hobart food processor bevel gear arm and turns at about 60-80rpm. It is heavy, probably 250lbs. I have pictures, please contact me at 1oregonjake@willamette.net and I will send you pictures. I want to sell it soon as I am back in college and need tuition money. Thanks.

  31. Lydia Says:

    We live in Ridgeland, MS and would travel to pick one up. Let me know if anyone has one for sale. Hubby wants one really bad.

  32. rhonda & luke Says:

    I have identical riding wet g antique that has a 100 pound wilson stone on it aprox 20 inches wide and 2 inches wide with wilson stamp on it aprox late 1800 to early 1900 ? by my best reculations please reply wiy\th any info u may have

  33. jeff Says:

    I have an antique pedal powered sandstone grinder, with a seat. The frame is rusted but the grinder is in good shape. Not in working condition but would like to see if there is any interest in this item?

  34. AA Says:

    Also have an anqique stone grinder very similar to the one shown on this site. Stone in very good condition.
    Am asking $175. We are located in Lake City, MN.

  35. Mark Says:

    I have that same unit or very close to it. Mine looks to be in about the same condition. I live in the Seattle area and will sell the one I have for $125. Mark. mwest007@centurytel.net

  36. Bob Nowak Says:

    My Dad died recently , He had one in his garage. I have one for sale $100.00

  37. BIG BOBBY Says:

    obviously no one has true knowledge of the ANTIQUE GRINDING WHEEL ,if you did you wouldn’t be selling them for $100 to $300

  38. Kaylene Says:

    I have a soap stone grinder. Will sell it $95. Live in Montana.

  39. Carrie Says:

    I have one on EBay right now with a starting price of $99.99. Will end on Sunday September 30, 2012.

  40. don Says:

    a friend of mine is looking for an antique sharpener like the one in the picture does anyone still have one

  41. sandra Says:

    I have sold my grinder to a very nice gentleman in Iowa, and I am in California. I am trying to break it down to ship, but some bolts to the stone will not turn or have no head that you can turn, any suggestions??? Or reasonable shipping options

  42. Michael Thomas Says:

    I have an older style one that is a square frame with seat and foot shaped paddle wheel. has some time wear on it but looking for $150.00 or so. Shipping would be on you or you can pick it up in CA. Let me know and I will send pics and shipping from address.

  43. Dan Says:

    Im looking for a pedal powered grindstone, similar to one in picture.
    Not overly concerned about appearance but MUST be in fine working condition.
    Am willing to pay a ver fair price for right piece. Am located in Burlington, VT area so could pick up someplace reasonably nearby.
    Not sure what shipping would be for distances further afield but would obviously pick up freight cost. Thank you.

  44. debbie Says:

    We have one for sale similar to this in Sacramento, California, if anyone is interested please call Debbie at 916-649-0442 or email dcat2@att.net

  45. Shirley Paslay Says:

    I need one of these. I am in Northern Texas and would be willing to travel to pick it up, if not WAY to far out. Please let me know if there is one still available. Contact me at 214 794-0422

  46. Alicia Irvin Says:

    Antique Pedal Grinding Stone in PERFEERCT WORKING ORDER, same as picture above…..FOR SALE…Located in North Central Indiana…PICK UP Only…..$250.00 Call or Text Alicia Irvin 574-870-8826

  47. Char Lichtenfeld Says:

    Looking for pedal powered, stationary antique grinding stone.

  48. nina woodrow Says:

    I am located in Bergen County New Jersey. Anywhere near that location? I have an antique grinding wheel that may be of interest. Let me know.

  49. Linnea Lahlum Says:

    Anyone know what grit these wheels are? I am considering one above but want to know first if it will do what I want. I want to trim down soft stones like marble for inlay.

  50. Matt casciano Says:

    I have an antique pedal powered grinding wheel for sale and am located in Buffalo Ny…,all offers will be considered

  51. rachel Says:

    Looking for one

  52. Liza Says:

    I have one of these available.I am in southern Louisiana. Inherited from grandfather several years ago. Always loved it, hate to part with it but it is Christmas, my car is broke and gunna cost a fortune to fix and I have 3yr old son to play Santa for. I have pictures. There is some manufacturers info stamped on a plate but I have never research it. Email me at akirst82@gmail.com to make an offer or see pictures. Really really need to sell the before Christmas!

  53. Liza Says:

    I have one of these I need to sell BEFORE christmas! I have a broken car, no way to get to work and a 3yr who I have to play Santa for!! I am in southern Louisiana. It has some manufacturers info stamped on a plate. Email me for pictures or to make an offer akirst82@gmail.com DESPERATE TO SELL BEFORE CHRISTMAS


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