Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, London

__SPACER__ Unlike other major subway systems such as New York or Paris, the London Underground is largely tunneled rather than laid in a covered trench. <p /><p />Station interchanges require complex underground networks of tunnels such as this one at Picadilly Circus.

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  1. Mathieu Says:

    Montreal has a 33km tunnel system including shopping malls

  2. hoppo Says:

    The oldest sections of the London Underground (mainly the Victorian-era Circle Line which forms a loop around the city centre) were constructed in covered trenches. If you look at the rolling stock you’ll see these older ’subsurface’ lines have much larger train carriages than the newer ‘deep’ tube lines such as the ones that run through piccadilly and other parts of very central london. It’s only the post-1900 additions that are tunnelled like this.

  3. admin Says:

    @hoppo. Yes, the earliest part of the underground is indeed cut and cover, hence I said ‘largely tunneled”. The majority of the underground part of London Transport’s rail network is tunneled, as reflected by the popular term, the tube.

  4. Jessica Says:

    as usual, not a member of staff in site!

  5. Kirsty Says:

    @Jessica: That’s because, as usual, the average commuter doesn’t know where to look!

  6. DanJ Says:

    Navigating around Piccadilly Circus is a walk in the park compared to the Bank/Monument complex in the City:


  7. Martijn Lafeber Says:

    Why is the Moscow Metro not on the list? None of the others even slightly compare.

  8. wormster Says:

    They all pale into significance in comparison to the 100’s of miles of Bathstone Quarries under the little village of Box in Wiltshire.
    The Paris Catacombs gets my vote though!

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