Pepsi Twist

__SPACER__ Lemon flavored Pepsi leaves much to be desired.

7 Responses to “Pepsi Twist”

  1. Patrick B Says:

    Hey, this was one of my favorite flavors. It and Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

  2. Dom Says:

    Yeah, I liked the diet Jazz line and the summer mix. But when I saw Twist on here, I couldn’t believe it.

  3. Rose Domenico Says:

    Hated this stuff!!

    Tasted like Lemon Pledge smells.

  4. myyk Says:

    this one is my favorite pepsi taste…. it realy doesn’t belong here….

  5. Xyarr Narxaq Says:

    Pepsi Twist is ok, and offcourse maker of this survey is Coca Cola fan….

  6. ko Says:

    I love Pepsi Twist!

  7. ray Says:

    i don’t understand why pepsi twist is on “13 most gross pepsi flavors” out of all of pepsi’s varieties the top 3 are

    3. pepsi vanilla
    2. pepsi wild cherry
    1. pepsi twist
    i mean come on this was delicious! along with it’s guatemalen cousin pepsi twistdo (lime)

    but the best of all pepsi flavors is , regular old pepsi

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