Cabrini Gree, a roach infested slum in a wealthy neighborhood

__SPACER__ At one point the garbage piled up the blocked chutes to the 15th floor and rat and roach infestations were common. The thing that differentiated Cabrini Green from other failed projects, however, was its location in a relatively wealthy part of Chicago.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Ummm, it was not a wealthy neighborhood when most of Cabrini Green was still standing.

  2. el_annoy Says:

    I believe the point is that it is surprising how close Cabrini Green was to wealthy neighborhoods, not that CG itself was a wealthy area. From wikipedia:

    Unlike many of the city’s other public housing projects… Cabrini Green was situated in an extremely affluent part of the city. The poverty-stricken projects were actually constructed at the meeting point of Chicago’s two wealthiest neighborhoods, Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast. Less than a mile to the east sits Michigan Avenue with its high-end shopping and expensive housing.

  3. Simon Says:

    And the best bike shop in Chicago, Yojimbo’s Garage, lies a couple hundred feet away.

  4. wally trimboux Says:

    It’s the people who live in these projects that make them hellholes. These people have no regard for themselves, let alone someone else’s property. They are pigs and will always be pigs. Just because you are poor, doesn’t mean you have to live like a pig. They CHOOSE to live like pigs because they are pigs. I was poor growing up in the South Bronx, but you could eat off the floor of our apartment, it was so clean. It’s the people who inhabit these projects - they are animals.

  5. Badillo Says:

    That is not Cabrini, it is one of the former Robert Taylor Homes.

  6. ASd Says:

    This is a Cabrini Green high rise. It is what was called “the Whites”. Robert Taylor, while similar in size, have a different design.

  7. James Says:

    I was there in 89 and 91 it was fucking bad bad bad and dirty all these black and Latinos were going crazy in this place it was mainly crack

  8. Nina Says:

    James, you don’t have to bring race into this. It’s offensive.

  9. Glenwood Johnson Says:

    He said “all these blacks and Latinos were going crazy” which according to all accounts is a true statement. If he had said “the whites up in there were ruthless”, then that would have been a lie, since there were not many if any whites in RTH or CG during the brutal crack waves of the 80s-90s. Having said that, then why is it “offensive” to bring race in to it? THIS is the problem these days. As a professional african-american man, I find it embarrassing that my people are offended by the same methods of racism and hatred that they themselves employ, obviously feeling like someone owes them something. It’s ok for us to hate someone because of skin color, but the 1st time someone else does it against us, we are ready to band together and riot???? Until that notion is changed, our kids will continue to grow up feeling helpless and turning to drug dealing and crime to survive. Do we just turn our heads to the fact that about half of our teens these days are doing this??? Then, we complain about the higher rates of incarceration in America among blacks? That’s not how it works. If you get caught, you pay the piper (99% of the time). Perhaps if we quit the whining and looking for little things to blow out of proportion against white people, our children will learn proper values and have higher self esteem. It would behoove us to work together as all races towards building the fundamentals of a civilized society, starting in our low income neighborhoods. I’m not defending the white man here, but it is time to stop pretending like the obvious is not fact. Additionally, it was WHITES who banded with us to fight racism and push the civil rights movement, since the END of slavery. How do you think slavery ended? The whites who knew it was wrong intitiated the movement and encouraged our brothers and sisters to fight. We don’t like to discuss that because it reminds us that the majority of whites are not racist.

  10. Realmachoman Says:

    Very wel stated
    Nothing to do with race
    Just ignorance and how people are raised
    Tired of this race this and race that
    In this world all races have sufferd and have died
    As in slaves
    No certain one is owed more then the other

  11. Stephanie Says:

    Right on Mr. Johnson!! Another thing…
    Nina, it’s not racist to describe someone by their appearance or ethnic background if it were racist then why does HUD require that information for reporting purposes? I can think of a dozen racist terms for each color but blacks and latinos is not one of them LOL Get a life and stop with the entitlement, fragile fake attitude.
    @ Wallie, I too grew up poor and our house was always clean and so were we, pig is a nice term descibing the pigs :) People need to respect homes especially the ones given to them for free or at a very low price.

  12. adam Says:

    I think these were the projects depicted in the 1970s show “Good Times”, and the late 80s early 90s (not sure when) movie “Candyman.” Even in those shows … these projects looked really horrible!

  13. Heath Says:

    Never in my life have I agreed with people more. Mr. Johnson you can be my president anyday!!!!

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