Coney Island Housing Projects

__SPACER__ The Soviet style blocks with predominantly Russian inhabitants face away from the sea front. There is architecture which ignores its context in the extreme, a sad situation at best and a crime when by the sea.

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  1. you are morons Says:

    These Coney Island blocks don’t “face away” from the ocean, they are perpendicular to it. That means that all apartments have a view along the beach. If the blocks faced the beach, half the apartments would have a great view, and half would have none. Moreover, the side facing the ocean (south) would bake, and the other would be in constant shadow.

  2. perhaps Says:

    Good point, You Are Morons. It is a very depressing looking building, though. It doesn’t say “home” at all — would a little articulation have killed?

  3. Dave G. Says:

    My grandparents lived in one of those buildings for decades. I’ve been there many times. It did feel somewhat bleak, but I always thought that was because I was visiting my grandparents! Some saving graces for this complex: open space with grass right in front of most buildings, spectacular views from the upper floor (my grandparents were on the 23rd floor).

  4. Hans Says:

    These are almost certainly the least bad of the NYC housing projects from this era. Picture windows with spectacular views, lots of green space, and the beach.

  5. nato Says:

    Its these unfortunate beauties that brought wealth to the trump family (built by Donald’s father) and destroyed Coney Island. The even sadder reality is once Coney Island becomes a destination again. These buildings will be imploded to make way for another Vegas like landscape, and the underprivileged people who call this place home will be forced to find a new place to live. Bring on the American Dream…

  6. Niko Bellic Says:

    I like it there, many peoples to kill. My cousin Roman has a cab company there. I work for him to get money to buy bullets.

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