Battersea Powerstation - 1984

__SPACER__ The facade of Londons famous Battersea Power station was used to represent Victory Mansions in the film version of 1984. The combination of neo-classical and power making it an obvious choice.

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  1. mike Says:

    also seen in another film future dystopia - it was the government building in “children of men”

  2. Warren Says:

    It’s also on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album. Features a floating pig in the foreground. Children of Men also had the pig, which means they were quoting Floyd.

  3. Sojun Says:

    It’s not a movie, but it appears as a parallel-world-cybermen-conversion-factory in Dr.Who, The Age of Steel.

  4. The Aardvark Says:

    The design was used for the power plants in “Command and Conquer: Red Alert”

    “Building…building…Construction Complete.”

  5. ccb Says:

    Used in Ian McKellan’s “Richard III.” Looks like it’s out in a field.

  6. Syscubus Says:

    In the video “Eugina” by Salt Tank, the station is in the background of a man dressed in black fannying around on top of a British red phone box.

  7. r O ger Says:

    I must protest Sir!

    What, no Bradbury Building / Bladerunner? [it was also restored and used in the movie Jack Nicholson movie “Wolf” where he is an ad executive. . .

    No Lautner work from “Diamonds Are Forever” or “Body Double” or “Lethal Weapon 2″ or the soft core porn of Andrew Blake?

  8. From the USA Says:

    I agree with the above. Another obvious omission was Metropolis.

    An excellent, yet often overlooked, example of architecture in film is the Mid-Century Modern/Raygun Gothic style prevalent in the animated movie The Incredibles. The sleak lines of the architecture and the bossa nova soundtrack were perfect complements to the circa 1960’s-era style of the film.

  9. Notes from 1984 | Backup Brain Says:

    […] of the city constantly reminded me of the story. Cameras everywhere; tall, windowless buildings (used in the movie, natch); sensationalist newspaper […]

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