1954 BMW R68 with Steib sidecar


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  1. Guido Portinari Says:

    I’m looking for a really original BMW R 68 if possible unrestored.
    Do you have some information about?
    Thanks for answer
    Guido Portinari

  2. Stuart Says:


    I have a 1954 BMW R68 in Munich. The bike was originally sold in Turkey. I bought it in Germany from the son of its original owner in 2002. The bike has been in storage for a couple of years, is in excellent condition and registered, but would need a TUV and a new battery to put it back on the road. If interested, drop me a line at stuart[at]strickland[dot]net.


  3. James Says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Did you sell your R68? How much are you looking for?

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