Bucketwheel Excavator, Eldorado, Australia


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  1. blakamin Says:

    This is an old relic of the big coal days in Morwell, Victoria… you want to see something big, go to Yalourn… they moved a town to dig an open pit mine… or look at the hazlewood plant

  2. lindsay Says:

    if my memory services me correctly the machine at eldorado is a gold dredge its been about 50 years since i was there and it just looked like a big heap of rust it was left right were it stopped working.

  3. Peter Ballan Says:

    Nearly bloody drowned there on my first visit to Oz. Brilliant sight tho’, and the pool that the dredger is in is cool and a good place to go under !
    It may have been a complete disaster as far as the planet is concerned but things were different in those days. I wouldn’t want one of these in MY back yard today !

  4. gordon Says:

    Correction: It isn’t no.3 dredger
    It is No.21

    Easy to make the mistake

    They’re both grey with a funny wheel at one end :)

    From memory its rated output was about 15000 cubic metres/day

  5. Terry bell Says:

    This is 21 dredge at morwell. No 3 dredge was almost its sister dredge but we blew the ropes on her in the early 90. ‘S. I still have the video somewhere !

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