The infamous Krupp excavator – largest in the world


18 Responses to “The infamous Krupp excavator – largest in the world”

  1. Latente says:

    WOW the internet hate machine!

  2. Kayzah says:

    Yeah, this thing comes from the same region then me: Ruhrgebiet, Germany!

  3. Inaki says:

    Wow…I’m amazed they came up with something this massive. That’s impressive!

  4. Rich says:

    Fritz, you idiot, didn’t I say to a left turn at Bochum!

  5. Klaus says:

    Schwachsinn, im Ruhrgebiet gibt es keinen Tagebau. Das Ding ist im Rheinland unterwegs, die Ecke Köln-Düren.

  6. anon says:

    moar like crap excavator

  7. MisterAmerica says:

    So how much fuel does this thing consume?

  8. matilda snelfrockey says:


  9. peNIS says:


  10. Dug says:

    When you wanna cut the world in half…

  11. rhydian says:

    the new can opener by JML

  12. Mark says:

    Can I hire this machine? My garden badly needs weeding.

  13. Lalo Marquez says:

    Wouldn’t be cool if the visitors of their Web site could control it remotely like those remote control web cameras?

  14. josh says:

    (operater) ohhh a car, *chop*…….. ohhh a nice porch, *chop*, screw it, *anilates large citys* i am now ruler of the world!!!!

  15. me says:


  16. Erik says:

    Shopped? Nope! These machines are gigantic! I’ve seen a documentary on Discovery, and here is the Wiki:

  17. mohammad says:

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