Nakamichi 1000 - the machine that made reel to reel obsolete

__SPACER__ The Nakamichi 1000 had a model name which reflected its price - not something to be scoffed at in the 70s. This was the first audiophile cassette deck, and the machine which rendered reel to reel obsolete.

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  1. David H Says:

    Reel to reel was always better in sound quality, still is, too bad it was such a pain.

  2. Lee Says:

    I had one of these cassette machines, and it still didn’t sound as good as my Revox A77.

  3. Ian Hodgson Says:

    I owned 2 of these plus a 550 and also a 1000ZXL

    The above are absolutely right, my Tandberg trounced cassette, my akai 600DB kicked it round the room and my Revox slung it out of the window.

    Cassette - except ‘PERHAPS’ on the tandberg 3014 doesn’t even come close to a half decent reel to reel never mind the best of them - shame about the hassle with reel to reel.

    Compared to ‘The Tape Project’ tapes, cassette is like listening down a piece of string!

    Such is life

  4. Spaceflightengineer Says:

    Cassettes- when I utilized some of the finer blanks (TDK high end, Nakamichi Cassettes [which I suspect were not Mfg’d by Nak but by TDK], and perhaps one particular Maxell product) on my Nak deck, employing Dolby C, were excellent, but never could they approach the reproductive quality of reels. That said, I have 700 cassettes, about half store bought pre-recorded. Much of my collection is soundtracks that simply aren’t going to be remastered to CDs as the demand is too small. My impedning project is to make digital copies of many of those and my LPs and reels. My Nak needs repair (mechanical halt) but will be my playback machine. After that project is completed (when I’m about 200 years old) I’ll probably eBay the sucker. Analog tape will never die though! I learned a lot with them (and no, I don’t include misanthropic crap like 4 & 8 tracks). After 2 3340’s, a 2340, many lessor reels and probably 5 cassette machines, it’s been a lot of fun. I still want a Nagra!! But then again I still want a Hassleblad, a DB5 [with Martin Baker ejection seat], an F-4D. I want, I want, I want! Thanks for the cool site! BP

  5. Travis H Says:

    I own a Nakamichi 1000, I love the way it sounds,and after being more than 35 years old it still works and sounds great, I would also like to add it is still in prestine cosmetic condition as well, and yes I am very proud of it. I guess to compare is all in the ear of the listener. My hope is that interest will continue in these and other great music listening machines of days gone by, as its all just a matter of preference, just like the music we choose to listen to. I know it does not sound as crisp as the turntable that I own, but hey some days im in the mood to listen to a cassette tape.Regardless of preference, one can not argure the fact that it is pleasent when listening to your music, the ability to interact with it,Just one of the ways the Nakamichi 1000 does it for me, I love my Nakamichi 1000, and Rock n Roll will never die. Is the seeming grudge, due to less music listening interaction? Just wondering.

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