German WWII Agent set captured in Scotland


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  1. Scottie Turner Says:

    I’m writing a WWII spy novel set in Scotland in 1940. Doing some research on German 2 way long range radios of that era. The picture of the radio captured in Scotland would be ideal to feature in my book. Can you give me more details on what kind of radio, range, size, if it was originally in a suitcase, etc. If this information is not known, can you provide me with the name of the usual type of German radio provided and used for spying purposes in the UK?

    Much appreciate your help!!

  2. Dennis Yates Says:

    Hello Scottie,

    The radio illustrated (albeit shown upside down..!) is a German type SE 92/3 dating from 1939 and is one of a series of sets manufactured by Stahnsdorf. It is a transmitter and receiver covering the frequencies 3.5-8MHz with a range of some 3-500 miles depending on the frequency used and time of day or night, contained in a suitcase measuring 16 inches wide x 10 inches deep x 6 inches high it was used by amongst others the Abwehr and OKW. I hope this helps.


    Dennis A Yates.

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