Dog Poop Catcher.

__SPACER__ A full body harness is attached to the dog, with a small turd receptacle below the ass.

7 Responses to “Dog Poop Catcher.”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Disgusting!

  2. James Dean Says:

    If someone needed to invent this, they must truely not want animals due to their cleanliness issues.

  3. Alex Says:

    The dog has the most shameful look. All dogs need these. Go Lobsters aaaahhhhh poop cum

  4. mimimimimmiimimmmmiiiiiiim Says:

    what about pee?

  5. Stan Pomeray Says:

    Is this a wind-up?

  6. psie kupy | Ciekawostki Says:

    […] (via oobject) […]

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