Joe 90s Car

__SPACER__ Joe 90 was an early production and still had a design style that was reflected something between 50s scifi and the NASA Mercury program. Joe 90’s car is a forerunner of Thunderbird 2, with its stunted reverse wings.

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  1. Rufus T Firefly Says:

    I don’t think Joe’s car was a forerunner of Thunderbird 2: “Joe 90″ came several years after “Thunderbirds”. Wonderful-looking thing, though.

  2. Cap'n Black Says:

    Rufus is correct joe 90 was produced after thunderbirds
    the jpe90 car is not “a forerunner of Thunderbird 2″

    if you’ve sen both thuinderbirds and joe90 even without being a Anderson aficionado
    it’s immediately obvious joe90 is later production than thunderbirds
    The joe90 puppets and puppetry are much more life like than thunderbirds

  3. Fabgearusa Says:

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