Apple theatre seating - Richard Meier

__SPACER__ After much searching we can confirm exactly what the seating is, at least for the NYC Soho store auditorium:<p /><p />Its the West Coast seating system designed by Richard Meier for Poltrona Frau, who provide seating for some of the world&#039;s most famous theaters.<p /><p />

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  1. John Says:

    Sorry, it’s not the “NYC Soho” store auditorium, if that’s what you meant. Unless you can explain why everyone in Soho at that moment are Japanese.

    It’s the auditorium at the Apple Store at the Ginza in Tokyo. Used to live 5 minutes away from there and sat in that theater many times.

  2. aksin Says:

    I would request the adinistration to stick to the true information only. The internet, as accessed by almost everyone, is a powerful source of information and anything false in thie media can result in misconception about everything

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