Glass Balustrade: Dupont Butacite


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  1. Jeanne Zasadil Says:

    I don’t know if the glass panels surrounding the staircase on the main floor count as part of this staircase but it is an accident waiting to happen when someone walks into it, it’s immaculate clarity being part of the problem. And you may say it’s me but I walked into one of the glass panels at the side of your main entrance when the easel normally standing there was not there. Lucky for me and everybody else, the panel made a great boom, vibrated and stayed in place with no real damage to me except shock for me and the people coming in the door at the time. A lot of us, have a lot on our minds and the bases of the glass panel aren’t enough warning to stop the momentum of someone’s face moving forward into the glass. Otherwise it’s a great facility and your people very accommodating

  2. Arthur Says:

    Jeanne, do you look both ways before crossing the street or expect to be saved from yourself everywhere you walk in America. When did culpability for our daily actions lie on designers? As an American I’m ashamed of the litigious frivolity and “let’s depend on big government” to think for us since we have so much on our minds. Learn how to walk with your eyes open Jeanne. It’s called human progression.

    And I still take about 10 minutes to walk up stairs full of awe and admiration. Work of art.

  3. tyler durden Says:

    arthur… thanks for being blunt… so many people are concerned with being P.C. these days… honestly…. if you’re “out of it” enough to walk into a painting/mural/work-of-art… then you can’t complain… “WAKE UP!!!!”… last time i checked… the human race has been alive and doing will for thousands of years without people complaining because they walked into something “hard”…

    p.s. - your government can’t protect you from yourself

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Anybody know who makes those fat cement-looking floor tiles????

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