Light Switches: Lutron Electronics, Inc.


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  1. Antimidas Says:

    I originally placed these timed dimmers in my entry area and hallway to replace wiring issues with the existing old-fashioned rotating dimmer knobs in my new home. i loved the ability to recall a specific low light setting and delay shut-off so that there was time to navigate the corridors and go to bed ithout having to trip over the dog in the dark. I liked the devices so much that I installed a single switch and a three-way switch in my basement bar/entertainment area when finishing my basement.

    They only work with incandescent or halogen bulbs. (Who wants flourescent at home anyway?) The only thing I would add to them is a remote control so that I could use them in the stairwell where I only have a switch at the top. I would then be able to turn on/off the lights from the basement for better TV viewing without having to walk downstairs in the dark or leave the lights on during movie night.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Funny you mention a remote controlled dimmer…you should check out the Maestro IR. It comes with an IR remote so that you would be able to do exactly what you want. Find it at

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