TriPyramid - glass stairs

__SPACER__ To clarify, TriPyramid supply the staircase structure. The glass comes from several people using Dupont Sentryglas Plus , for the Soho New York branch glass was provided by Depp and the assembly was by Seele.

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  1. Shawn Says:

    This stairway is frightening to walk on because it gives you the feeling that it may break at any second and since the steps are transparent you can see straight through to the ground below!

  2. Jeanne Zasadil Says:

    See the comment I just posted on #3 — glass or not — it’s a good hit walking into the surrounding floor panels.

  3. Dean Burchell Says:

    Does anyone think it is possible to find this glass (for the treads) for a small home improvement project? Ideas on where to start?

  4. Sasha Says:

    @Dean: Yes, it is possible to find this glass, to start, you will need a very large budget. When you have that taken care of, call Dupont

  5. Dean Burchell Says:

    Sasha. Very true, I know. But I still have hope. I need less than a square meter.

  6. steve Says:

    TriPyramid makes all of the glass fittings (stainless steel plus the handrails) , all of the glass including the stairs now are is fabricated all of Europe , Seele takes the glass and cuts and shapes it to the various sizes along with laminating it. Seele provides all of the engineering and installation

  7. sacha Says:

    you also need structural engineers called Eckersley o’Callaghan.

  8. Liz Says:


    I’m also looking to have a clear, or least translucent stairs. Not only that, I want the walking area connected to the stairs to be glass like material. I am still in the beginning phase of talking to an architect, but the architect told me it is doable. It may not look exactly like the Apple stairs. One example I saw has steel frame. The result is still very attractive visually.


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