E.O.D. Bomb Disposal Suit

__SPACER__ This is the state of the art in terms of bomb disposal suits. Its in use in nearly 50 countries and allows people to safely work within a few feet of many explosive devices.

5 Responses to “E.O.D. Bomb Disposal Suit”

  1. Alfrets Kaunang Says:

    We need 35 set of Integrated Personal Protection (Bomb Disposal suit). End user will be Indonesian Army. Please advise if you can help

  2. Alfrets Kaunang Says:

    We need price

  3. Gary Says:

    Iraq (4 suits)

  4. Trevor Van Staden Says:

    We manufacture EOD suits with coms

  5. Trevor Van Staden Says:

    Please send me specs and i can price it for you

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