Tho-Radia Radium beauty cream

__SPACER__ The history of cosmetic creams is riddled with disaster. From lead face-whitening which caused Elizabeth I’s hair to fall out, sparking a 300 year, global, wig-wearing frenzy to blinding shackled bunny rabbits with beauty. This is no exception.

5 Responses to “Tho-Radia Radium beauty cream”

  1. J Gingold Says:

    Disaster? Nonsense. Just look at that healthy glow. A glow so robust, you could probably see it with the lights out.

  2. OHooligan Says:

    Nice poster. From a distance/sidelong glance it looks remarkably like a photo of a nuclear explosion, dont yo think?

  3. SBarrosSP Says:

    I totally agree with OHooligan, man this is prophetic, it really looks that who did the poster had that (the mushroom) in mind. Impressive!

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