Keith Haring Cinelli Laser


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  1. Loren Genealogy Says:

    The shape of the laser unit does not interfere with the optics between the putter and the ball. Loren Genealogy

  2. dennis Says:

    The Cinelli Laser Crono looks nice and the Laser Crono Revolusione is much nicer

  3. triathlon team » conrad’s race kit by miltos manetas Says:

    […] have merged with art for a while now. I remember target=”_blank”Keith Haring’s 1987 Cinelli Laser, and most recent is Lance Armstrong’s Stages show and Stages Trek […]

  4. Put the Sharpie Down and Back Away from the Sidewall | Cyclocosm - Pro Cycling Blog Says:

    […] an opportunity to advertise their racers on the Shelby GT of cyclocross tires. It’d be like Cinelli or Trek attributing the artwork on their iconic machines to “some contemporary artist” […]

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