1980 First Casio Calculator Watch C-80

__SPACER__ The resin version of the first Casio calculator watch. This was the iconic product that brought calculator watches into the mainstream market.

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  1. Rick Says:

    I totally bought this with my own money from a sharper image ad I found in OMNI magazine! The rubber buttons broke off after a while… but this was a great watch!

  2. Flip Says:

    I, too, bought this watch with my own money, but from a Wal-Mart or K-Mart. I think it was around $20. While the resin holding the strap pins broke after awhile, I continued carrying it in my pocket for a long time, and it even survived two trips through the washing machine! Awesome watch!

  3. Elliott Says:

    Loved mine. It had a game as well which helped to pass many a long boring study hall without attracting the attention of the “authorities”.

  4. Ed Says:

    Im a member of this club aswell. Although my rubber buttons never broke. Great watch, I loved to show it off until the Casio Calculator and TV control watch was released, heh.

  5. Speedmaster Says:

    I’ll admit to being an original owner of one of these, and I still have it. ;-)

  6. Alan Mahon (Ireland) Says:

    I have had a metal bodied version of this design, CA-901, since 1982. The calendar ran out after 25 years so these days I have to set the date 28 years in arrears which reports the correct day and month. My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to buy two of them.

  7. j Says:

    I have one of these watches-please email me if interested @ jawelter@comcast.net

  8. collector Says:

    Hey guys. Great watch. I have the resin C-80 with metallic keys as well as the SS version which was the C-801. This was the first calculator watch by Casio.

    The C-80 and C-801 did not have games, but there were a few designs that looked very similar to the C-80/C-801 that did, such as the CA-90 and C-901. There was also a scientific calc with similar design called the cfx-20, and many other CASIO calc watches with a similar design.

    Why dont they make them like this anymore?


  9. Guillermo Says:

    I need help in regards to the Casio C-80, what batteries does it take???

  10. shi-thead Says:

    i have been to the earth’s core and back with my casio calculator watch C-80. it performs arithmetic at 20,000 degree farenheit temperatures. when on the earth’s crust it looks sharp on my ankle too!

  11. Zepman Says:

    The C-80 Casio Calculator watch takes a 391 battery (or RW-40, or SR1120W, etc)

  12. tom Says:

    i still have mine, unfortunately yesterday i tried to get it out of the box (after 10 yrs or sumthing),and unfortunately the band broke in 2 pieces. the plasticizer must have come out of the bands. also on my casio ax-1 the watch strap is broken, same reason. does anyone, know, where to get replacements? pls contact me @ 70771LE@gmail.com. same goes if you want to make me an offer on both watches.

  13. Jens Haase Says:

    I own a C80 (metal buttons), bought it in 1980 for my collection. Now I’d like to sell it because I’m kind of getting old… The batteries have been removed immediately. Since then, it has been stored in a box. If you’re interested in buying it, let me know: j811195@hotmail.com

  14. francois nantel Says:

    right the first casio caculator watch
    i had one in silver.
    a little heavy but a great watch

  15. georges liitletoun Says:

    i believe this watch was released in august 1980

  16. Tim Gabz Says:

    I bought one on the day they arrived in London, August 1980, my first trip to the UK and Mum wanted me to have a good watch. It served me well but batteries were impossible to get in Harare so I set it aside. I recall a later C-81 or C-82 having a game on it and being jeolous that a friend had an upmarket one.

    I am reminising as I am looking at a data bank for my codes for computors etc.

  17. DAVID Says:

    I’m quite sure I had this watch when I was a kid. I remember my classmates didn’t have one and I felt so cool back then. I’ve been feeling immensely nostalgic lately…


  18. Mike manning Says:

    I found my long misplaced Casio C-70 calculator watch. It was a gift in 1980 from my mom. No band, just the watch. I must have taken out the batteries many years ago and forgot!! I found a place on the net that FINALLY specified what size batt. It required. They said the 303/ 357 would run any watch! The battery on the left acted like it wouldnt go in, but after an hour of looking for a problem i relized it wasn’t pushing back the contact arm that sticks out. I gently pryed it back out some. The thin metal cover plate that holds the batteries down has a thin white plastic cover that was over the right side batt. That I’m sure of, I just cant remember if it went on top of the batt. Cover plate, or under it, but on top of the batt. Its self. I assume its an insulater of some kind to keep the batt on the right from making contact with something. Can someone PLEASE tell me where that little white plastic thing goes exactly? Video or picture would really be great!!! Thank you for your time!!

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