Albert Frey, Tramway Gas Station, Palm Springs


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  1. mojo Says:

    beautiful design that works well with the surrounding landscape

  2. JL Says:

    Still standing, after it was a gas station it was an art gallery now it’s the Palm Springs Visitor Center (appropriately remodeled of course)

  3. Christian Says:

    It has not been remodelled.. it was painstakingly restored. There are no gas pumps and it lacks oil cans in the window, but it’s virtually the same as in the photo otherwise. Albert Frey himself was the consultant when it was restored and died shortly after.

  4. Your Favorite Architect Designed a Gas Station « Hyde Park Blvd Says:

    […] to Oobjects, we can see tomorrow as a winged petroleum cathedral(frey et. al.), modern furniture, or an unutterably odd troll village by FLW […]

  5. andrew danish Says:

    you should know that the fountain was removed when it was converted to the sculpture gallery, and it was enclosed by a tall, circular wall for security purposes. that has since been lowered for use as the visitor’s center.

  6. modlandUSA Says:

    I’m happy to say that I drive past this one quite often! Glad the building was put back to use a couple of years ago. No, it’s not the same as in the photo (no fountain it has other structure around it), but its fate could have been much worse…

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