Classic Pipe Welding Helmet

__SPACER__ For less than $50 you can purchase the Platonic ideal of what a welding helmet should look like.<p /><p />This version is particularly simple and iconic.

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  1. Random Lurker Says:

    It’s also the Platonic ideal of simple, efficient, ergonomic helmet design. Welding helmets are NOT improved by being redesigned to look like gaudy, bulky, battlemech heads.

    The Pipeliner is light, very comfortable, and a superb welding helmet. It is NOT bulky.

    Some users pencil mark about a 3/4″ strip along the bottom and slice it off with an abrasive cutoff wheel. (An old section of portable bandsaw blade makes a good guide.) This allows a tighter chin tuck to suit some people.

  2. Joe Jordan Says:

    Hard to beat a classic fibre metal helmet,,,i have used all kinds of automatichighdollarfancy helmets but I have always came back to my fibre metal.

  3. Vintage Mask Maniac Says:

    Hello eveyrone! This mask is amazing! CanI find it in a black finish?? But even in white it is amazing. Also is there a version with slightly higher window?
    Also where can I buy this mask cheap? Where to buy it cheapest in the USA? And in Europe? I am from Europe
    Thank you in advance!

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